Sarge update

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We went to have his ultrasound yesterday to evaluate where the abdominal bleeding was coming from.  In typical Sarge style, he was excited to greet the veterinary staff and had his excitation nub wiggle going in full force.  The tech that has done his chemo for the last 3 years had not been in clinic the day before yesterday and joined Sarge on the floor for cuddle time.  It seems we are not alone in our admiration for this amazing boy.  She told me that he was their poster child for osteosarcoma treatment.  He never had to be sedated for xrays, chemo or other diagnostic studies.  Sarge is a “perfect patient”!

Unfortunately, it was confirmed that he has a lesion on his spleen and he appears to have moderate involvement of the prostate and multiple lymph nodes; all indicative of cancer.

This information just reassured us that surgical exploration would be futile and put Sarge through unnecessary pain and stress.

Sarge is under 24 hour watch and we are not leaving him alone.  He is unable to get to his food or water, but we are bringing him his dishes and he is still eating and drinking with vigor.  We are also carrying him out to potty, which he is still doing like a champ!!!  100lbs of dog is NO joke, glad my hubby is strong, could not do it on my own!

I hope I am doing the right thing by allowing him to chose when it is his time to hop onto the rainbow bridge.  He is not in pain and is comfortably spoiled in this time.  If he stops eating and drinking and his comfort level is in question, we will move on to other options.

Your love and support here on the forum has been instrumental in our 3 year success.  I knew so little about canine amputation and osteosarcoma before this journey started and without this amazing site, we would have felt utterly lost. We love you and send our deepest appreciation and heartfelt gratitude to each and everyone of you that have been there for us during this time.

We pray that Sarge can continue to be a ray of hope and inspiration, even after his passing, to all current and future tripawds facing all the daunting. yet inspiring, life events that this journey brings.


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