Sarge ushers out 2016

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Osteosarcoma is the farthest thing from this handsome boys mind.  When humans, battle cancer the ordeal is often described as “brave, heroic or courageous”.

The beauty of going through this with my best furry friend, is that never once has the word cancer crossed his mind, he has never wasted one moment worrying about when or IF the big “C” will return.  Sarge just faces each day with a vigor for life and an excitement for the little things like going for his daily hop, chewing on his favorite bone or squeezing one of his personally selected toys from the pet store.  Sarge also has developed the post chemo gift of becoming a picky food eater and will turn his nose at his high dollar grain free food if there is not fresh chicken or eggs placed lovingly in the kibble.

These added months and years have been a welcomed, albeit shocking survival story.  He has beaten all the odds.   Only 10% of dogs with osteosarcoma live this long past diagnosis.   I wish I had his canine ability to not worry, to just wake up to each day with joy (and a wiggly butt) unaware of the potential dangers that could come each day.

Here is to survival, here is to “ignorance is bliss”.

Praying 2017 will ring in more happy healthy days for Sarge and all the fur babies out there kicking osteosarcomas butt!

We love you!


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