Stray kitty visit.

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The stray cat. The stray cat.[/capt

This is a little stray kitty that I tried to eat a few months back. for some reason he seems to really like me. Either he is very forgetful, very forgiving or incredibly brave (stupid). Mom trapped him and removed his kitty makers (she does that to all of us). Something about unwanted animals, not enough homes and shelters full. Anyhoo, we just hung out in the shade for about an hour. He kept rubbing his face on me, I guess I’m going have to play nice. Who understands cats anyway!

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Rough couple of days.

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

I am very concerned about our Sarge (I was told this would happen).  He was understandably under the weather on day 1 one (second day post op),  but day 3 he was up and around, doing his boxer wiggle when we would come into the room, he had a sparkle in his eye and a little bounce in his step.  He literally was improving hour by hour.  His progress was amazing to me.  The last 2 days he has actually regressed and it seems that every hour is a struggle.  He was having no issues standing up, walking outside to go potty and was even begging to go for a walk with his housemates.   We stayed with him or had his grandpawrents stay with him,  the last 2 days we have left him alone for a few hours at a time.

I almost fear he is favoring his back leg and he will turn around and almost nip at his knee.  OF course I am now wondering if his knee has taken too much of a beating.    Also some of the areas around the incision are “twitching“.  We now are having to carry him out to potty and all he does is potty and look at us to go back inside to lay down.  I called the vet and they seemed to be unconcerned.   He was drinking out of his water dish, and I am now having to drop water in his mouth with a 10cc syringe, also he will no longer eat without us hand feeding him extra special yummies.  

Please tell me that a significant regression like this is all part of the process and not something to raise concerns!  Reading others posts, I see that 2 weeks can be a turning point.  I might just need to wait and let this time pass.  It just makes me depressed to see him act so depressed.   I know a lot of websites say dogs do not get “depressed”  that we humanize our babies.  I feel strongly that this is not true.    We hear of dogs refusing to eat and starving to death after the loss of their human loved one or a fellow fur buddy…. that is depression.

SO ready for 2 weeks to get here…. then the chemo starts. :oZ