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We have been dealing with a family tragedy for the last 6 months.  My dad was diagnosed with stage IV cancer two days before Thanksgiving.  He passed mid January after an arduous battle involving chemo, radiation, multiple surgeries and finally hospice.

Sarge was an eternal support, and often my Dad would say that “If Sarge can beat cancer, so can I!”  It will be 2 years in June since Sarge was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma.

Being in the medical field, I know all the to well the horrible battles I have seen patients with cancer fight, but to watch your loved ones go through the process is something I could wish on no one.

Sarge, as most precious pets, has sensed the pain in our family and would go to visit dad.  Sarge was always so gentle with dad.  My dad was always the toughest, strongest man I knew, but towards the end was in too much pain and too weak to even walk.  Sarge would just sit by him and lean his head into his lap.

Now, Sarge is my daily comfort.  There has not been a single day that I have not laid on the floor with him, buried my face into his side and cried.  He senses my need for his comfort and has become more of a “Velcro dog” than  normal.  Our fur-babies have definite radar for not only our physical being but also our emotions.  They have an innate ability to “get us” like no human could even understand.  Without long talks, expressive words or explanation, they just get it, with an intuitive nature that is surreal.

There is no way to appropriately repay this precious boy for all he does for this family, but toys are his favorite! Sarge LOVES his toys, and he could pick out any toy his doggy heart desired.  He gets free roam to shop and choose his toy.  He is not quick with this process and will make very careful selections of his toy-to-be.  He tends to choose the loudest squeaky toy, or ones that talk, much to his dads chagrin. This bunny did not squeak, but it talked like bugs bunny, and every-time he would squeeze it, it would say “Ahhh, Somebody loves you!” and make the Bugs Bunny sound.  Yep, his dad LOVES this one too!

Easter Sarge

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