Feeling good enough to keep Mama from cleaning.

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People just don’t get it.  Life is about relaxing, stopping to smell butts, um I mean the roses and enjoying life.  Why people spend time running this annoying loud thing across the ground seems pointless to me… I must make it stop!

Sarge cracks me up every time he does this, but he seriously will not allow me to vacuum! I have to put him up to get cleaning done or he will completely terrorize my Dyson!!  He does this as well with our leaf blower and edger. This has gone on since he was first brought into our home as a puppy.  I am actually thrilled to see his energy is back enough to chase the vacuum, even though it still drives me crazy, I love him so much and it makes my heart so happy to see him bouncing around.

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Sarge wishes you a beautiful Sunday.

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!


I felt like sleeping in today.  Mom and Dad were up at 6:30 to feed the rest of the pack, but I just didn’t want to muster the energy to get up till almost 11.  Sundays are for relaxing after all.   My plans are to chill outside in the beautiful sunshine, until it gets too hot, then inside for more R&R.   Hope your Sunday is beautiful too.   Tomorrow is no guarantee but the present looks pretty amazing.

Look what a meal can do

Once my Mom figured out something that I wanted to eat, I started feeling much better.   My energy was surging just hours after I gobbled up that chicken earlier.  She also threw in a turkey hot dog.  Yum yum!!  I really could eat my grain free dog food, but I learned if I refuse to eat that, she gives me WAY better stuff.  Boy do I have her fooled.  http://youtu.be/bNSj_ykFtNA


Desperate times call for….

Well, the vomiting has resolved but the appetite is still MIA.  The go to eggs did not work, tried the chicken broth warmed over food, no go!  Finally decided to open a can of chicken breast, that got his attention.  He ate 1/2 a can last night and another 1/2 this am.  Poor guy has never been a big eater, so hard to watch him push his food away and refuse to eat.  At least he is drinking plenty of water.

Long night

Poor Sarge had a rough evening/night/morning.  I called the vet and went and picked up an injection of Cerenia.  Sure hope this helps!  Also starting Metronidazole for diarrhea.  Carbo was way easier than this. Sarge was so brave and didnt even flinch with his injection.  Such a brave boy. 

Chemo (2) down, 6 to go.

My doctor said I did GREAT today.  Was talking all this mumbo-jumbo with my mom about “renal function, liver enzymes, granulocytes, heart rate, lungs” and a bunch of blah blah blah…. also said that my “WBC was 6”, which I guess is good because Mom seemed happy about all that.  I am pretty tired because they gave me something that would make me an “Ace”???  Hmm, thought I already was, but…. don’t feel like an “ace” right now, I feel like I drank a little too much beer (like I would know).  As you can tell, just holding my head up is quite the task and I cant seem to walk a straight line.  Heck, that’s already tough on 3 legs, come on folks!  Tonight is gonna be a hedgehog cuddlin’, relaxin’ with Mom & Dad kind of evening.  Those silly people have no idea, I got this cancer thing whipped and this chemo stuff is nothing for a strapping, strong muscled up dude like myself.  Cancer can kiss my bodacious ole gluteus maximus!

sarge chemo2