Day after chemo

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The weather here today was nothing short of spectacular.  Sarge has never been fond of the really hot days but it was in to 60’s- 70’s all morning.  He actually went outside with me while I mowed, which he has not done since this ordeal started, and even walked/hopped with me down to our berry patch on the far end of our property!  I am waiting on the side effects of chemo to kick in but the Vet said to let him maintain his normal activity as long as he is up for it.  So digging this improved Sargee-pooh >  Delta Cookies baby!!!

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Name this fluid!

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

imageSarge has had a huge collection of fluid that seemed to make him uncomfortable.  I made the decision to drain it.   I drain knees and such at work so I figured this was just begging to come out!  It was dangling and sloshing around like an overfilled cows utter full of fluid.    I brought home the syringe and an 18g needle.   He was such a brave boy, didn’t even flinch.  I drew out 8 – 10cc syringes, under sterile technique,  just kept unscrewing at the hub and redrawing.  He seems much more comfy now.   After seeing how brave he was I bet he will OWN chemo on Wed!   Was also happy to see this fluid was not infectious looking.


Happy 4th and a miraculous update!

Those prayers, positive thoughts and good vibes are  working.  Sarge had an amazing day yesterday!   We had company over which seemed to totally lift his spirits.  He was up and around like he had been 4 days post op.  Sarge even did something he has not done since he broke his leg 4 weeks ago, he got up on the couch!   This is a “no-no”, but we were trilled to see he was up there!  He was even able to do 5 minutes of PT in the pool!

4th of July by the pool watching my peeps.
I was so tired, after having a very fulfilling, active day!  Mom didn’t even tell me to get down like she usually does!

sarge 2014


I had a wonderful fourth with my people!  We hung out by the pool and I even swam a little with my life vest on, Mom calls it “PT”.  I’m getting back to being myself again!





Lots of swelling today but in great spirits.

Sarge has a significant amount of swelling today but seems to be in wonderful spirits!  Eating great and loving his new Victor grain free food!  Still not drinking great but we have been giving him his water in a 10cc syringe.  Seems to be his preference now.  I think he is milking it a little!!

Talked to some brace fabricators today and cant get a brace till they get a cast then take 2 weeks. I am going to try to use a posterior wheeled cart to see if that will offer any assistance… Getting that tomorrow.  Will update ASAP.

Hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July!  I am pulling a Paws for Life float in our Liberty Fest parade in Edmond OK.  It is a great event if you have never been!  Check it out.

Rough day, potentially huge set back.

As stated on previous posts, Sarge had been improving by the hour post amputation, then suddenly started favoring his back leg and was refusing to get up to walk, eat or anything that he had been doing before.   Today was the first day the surgeon could take a look at him.  Our worst fears were confirmed, he has torn his ACL.  The best we can hope for at this point is that is is not a serious tear and he will heal.  So we are now rehabilitating from amputation AND an ACL tear.   I am going to look online for a rear leg brace (my vet says she has very little experience with them), but I’ll start my search.  ACL surgery is not an option since he is a tripawd.  :o(  He was doing so well this just breaks my heart.

Stray kitty visit.

The stray cat. The stray cat.[/capt

This is a little stray kitty that I tried to eat a few months back. for some reason he seems to really like me. Either he is very forgetful, very forgiving or incredibly brave (stupid). Mom trapped him and removed his kitty makers (she does that to all of us). Something about unwanted animals, not enough homes and shelters full. Anyhoo, we just hung out in the shade for about an hour. He kept rubbing his face on me, I guess I’m going have to play nice. Who understands cats anyway!