Dr. Heintz DVM walks us through a chemo treatment with Sarge.

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Dr. Aaron Heintz D.V.M. ,with Wedgewood Pet Clinic in OKC (405)-848-3329, explains the chemo treatment process.  Although these videos are not edited, I wanted to post them on Sarges blog to share and show how wonderful Dr. Heintz and his staff are and to explain the process of a chemotherapy treatment to those interested.  Many thanks to this wonderful staff, that not only are giving Sarge happy, healthy months of life, but are also the most friendly staff anywhere!  Sarge is always thrilled to go to his appointments and literally is running in the front door, excited to see everyone!  Sometimes he even acts like he wants to stay there to visit longer.  So there is no doubt they are taking excellent care of this sweet cancer warrior!

Pre Chemo Blood work while Mommy holds him still:

Dr. Heintz D.V.M. explains the chemo process.

Prep for IV placement



Pre Chemo Medications

IV fluids to hydrate pre-chemo

Nikki administering Carboplatin

Sarge being am amazingly “patient” patient.

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Sarge can get in the SUV by himself….

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

But, I would rather Mom do it for me!

When I was recovering from my leg fracture and subsequent amputation, my Mom and Dad would drive me around the block so I did not have to miss out on my daily “walks”.  Besides walks, my other favorite activity is going for car rides.  The destination matters nothing to me, just the enjoyment of getting there!  Can you tell I am just a tad bit excited to go? >

Today’s a normal day

To say today is normal, seems, well ordinary. But for a dog who has been through as much as I have the last few months, ordinary becomes EXTRAordinary.   By that I mean; today was a day I didn’t think about “only” having 3 legs, I didn’t think about pain, today I had no side effects of a chemo treatment.   Today my day was totally normal, I ate my breakfast, went for a short jog, went for a car ride ( my personal favorite) and I relaxed.  Sometimes I think humans get to carried away with the desire for things to be more than just normal.  But normal feels pretty great to me!

Chemo round 3; carbo

Well here goes another round of carbo.  I was thrilled as usual to go for a ride and didn’t even stress out when I got the the vet.  There was a super pretty dog there this  morning and she did NOT want to be there.  All she wanted to do was leave.   The only time I even hesitate is when they take me back and I stop to give my mom one last glance.  She has always come back to get me, so today should be no different.  I’ll let you all know how I feel later.  Don’t think I want the medication I had last time, I sure got sick with that one!!

Feeling good enough to keep Mama from cleaning.

People just don’t get it.  Life is about relaxing, stopping to smell butts, um I mean the roses and enjoying life.  Why people spend time running this annoying loud thing across the ground seems pointless to me… I must make it stop!

Sarge cracks me up every time he does this, but he seriously will not allow me to vacuum! I have to put him up to get cleaning done or he will completely terrorize my Dyson!!  He does this as well with our leaf blower and edger. This has gone on since he was first brought into our home as a puppy.  I am actually thrilled to see his energy is back enough to chase the vacuum, even though it still drives me crazy, I love him so much and it makes my heart so happy to see him bouncing around.